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home by christmas by DB COX

hey you—
writer of shadow work
& simple rhymes
living in a shabby motel
on a blue highway
chain smoking
stroking stitch marks
in old wrist scars—
has solitaire
turned your character
to stone
are your sanity markers
like vandalized headstones
in an abandoned cemetery
are you down
to scribbling
on restroom walls
no longer
a part of the picture
do you count
ceiling cracks
while you track
the number of times
you lied
about sliding back

maybe your parts
are just in backward
light—where dark should be
dark—where light should be
we have everything
you could ever want
right here
you can cry here
or die here
after all has been
said & unsaid
done & undone
forgiven & unforgiven
we can help you
your personal landscape
have you
in a custom picked place
before the sun goes down
detoxed & flown
back home
by christmas
just sign here —
on the dotted line
for your one hour
sunday night
prime-time intervention

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