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Improbability by D.B. Pécheur

there’s a face
in a cloud
in a sky
a place where
rabbits run free
and snakes rattle
to the amusement of all

i wonder
as i lay there
i wonder
and stare
and ponder
and dream
and pretend to be as free
as a rabbit
as free as a late afternoon breeze
bending boughs of pepper trees
as free as a child’s imagination
as free as a heart
suddenly in love

there’s a storm
on the edge
of a lake
that stretches
as far as a kaleidoscope
filled with light
as far
as the sound
of a baby’s first laugh
as far as
my arm can reach

if i walk slow
i can hear
the water talk
to me
i can taste rain
on my skin
i can breath
the last remains
of my salvation

if i walk slow
i can watch the world
spin backwards
and smile
as if there were no worries
left to bear
at all

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