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Pilgrims By Henry Ajumeze

You slither through my body
like a snake
But i fear not
the tickle is stronger than the bite
And my soul,
already poisoned
by the nakedness that i behold
in this brothel windowed to sunlit
Now you twist round me,
give me that bite, i dare you!
infect me
with the reptile’s killer gall
i  cannot die, not here
on the mountain of nowhere
At Idi, i toddle on all fours
on the hills of Akwuba…
i am he that danced to the jazz of Biafra
tuned to rocking triggers of Mark-4

Now you curve like a road
to my soul, walk me sexy to the grave…
It is a long road
we are both pilgrims
We will arrive, fear not
Only sing me lullabies
And if you must moan
Please make it a soft cry….

We are both pilgrims!




* 1di—My ancestral home in Nigeria.
* Akwupa— A hill on my ancestral framland
* Biafra- Secessionist war in my native country during which period i was born.

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