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Theron’s probably
feeling cold as an
iced intravenous
solution right now.
Percocet’s a popular
narcotic analgesic
used to diffuse pain,
but maybe it’s his dad’s
poetry and lifetime
legacy that will propel
his pen back to page-
treat all those cavity
wounds coming forward
to pay written respect-
even the skilled guys
in ghillie suits know
maximum effective
range into the future
can cover more ground
faster than molten
thermitic materials

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The ex-Army sniper accepted Friendly Fire’s full
service financial network as global freedom

The 1X-Army sniper, an alcoholic, mistook a tar
covered concrete block for a serviceable car battery

The 2x-Army sniper lying in the sun’s favorite
side street watched the growing waistlines of the

McMansion expansion generation asking himself
if they were like the Jewish pianos of WWII?

After swearing off Mission mess he realized that
poverty, stress, and street life harvested hope right

out of the bloodstream so often that chemicals of
completion no longer restocked themselves naturally

The negative-X Army sniper died under a dog tooth moon
after a three-drug cocktail: poverty, anomie & alienation

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