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he was born
a bastard.

his mother
sold him to
a waitress
for the price
of a beer.

then she
got sent off
to prison.

him too
for armed
robbery and
car theft.

held a razor
to another
boy’s throat
while he
raped him.

in California
some hippie
told him
about peace
and love

and Manson
told the bum
that he was
full of shit.

he was right.

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waiting for progress in the human race
waiting for the Empire to fall while
Ho Chi Minh laughs from his mausoleum
Uncle Ho was one tough little shit
with a goatee
he told the Yanks
“We’ll fight one day longer than you will”
and goddam, he was right
what’s more
it seems the spirit of Westmoreland
has possessed the minds
of the American generals in Afghanistan
they keep repeating the same
old bullshit–
“Just a few thousand more troops
and we’ll win this thing.”

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