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Jake St. John


Pint of Loneliness

Leaves ring
on wood

drips of water
leak down glass

tears searching for
a destination

a fly buzzing
in the void

radio static
between stations

thoughts join
the downward spiral

to locate reason

seeking place
and purpose

lost on a barstool.



Burning the Midnight Oil


Flames lick the air
lashing at darkness
that falls around me
like the final curtain
at a symphony
as the final notes
fade into empty corners
sharp and relentless
like Jack the Ripper’s blade
seeking perpetual
slashing the night
in two
the alleys echo
with the cries
of the wounded.



In A Sentimental Mood


She lay there
on the bed
propped up
on one elbow
silhouetted by
blue moonlight

a satin shawl
by the thread
of night
falls over
naked shoulders

long pale legs
stretch and join
the blurred edges
of the room

her eyes
like embers
in the dark haze

the orchestra
of my heart
plays a jazz ballad
filling the room
before floating up
and out the open window

to join an ensemble of stars


Jake St. John lives in the woods on the edge of the Salmon River. He is the author of several collections of poetry including Ring of Fog (Holy and Intoxicated Publications, 2022), Night Full of Diamonds (Whiskey City Press, 2021), and Lost City Highway (A Jabber Publication, 2019). He is the editor of Elephant and is considered an original member of the New London School of poetry. His poems have appeared in print and online journals around the world.


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