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Puma Perl–three poems

Who Cares?

It’s not the end
of the decade

Just another year
piled on top of the rest

As usual, I list
my accomplishments

The book nobody bought

The band that’s not a band

The dog who recovered

66 shows

68 new poems

Most of my time
has been wasted
or spent

But still,
I set goals

Who cares?
Why bother?

make good tattoos
and little sense

I will write a poem

Who cares?

I will exercise

Why bother?

I will save money
for new tattoos.


That’s Where You Are

I’m never where I am
Look at your feet
they used to say
That’s where you are

Blue snakeskin
Silver Bowie
Leopard suede
Black on black

I am unattached
under hot December
and frigid July

I look at my feet
and there is nowhere
we can go

Blue snakeskin
Silver Bowie
Leopard Black
on black

And all of us
Never where we are
Look at your feet.



In the Roses


The junkyard garden is filled
with broken bedsprings
and beer cans
Red roses struggle to survive

My words vibrate
and help them grow

At night I sit
in the junkyard garden
beneath the rusting
fire escape

Run my fingers
over thorns

They feel like
the sound
of your voice
rasping obscenities
into the pillow

I cut a rose
and placed it
in a crystal vase,
the only thing
my aunt left me

The cat
knocked it over,
crystals filling
the wooden floor

My rose now sits
in a whiskey bottle
and flourishes despite
my words
and your obscenities

It stays around
than you do.

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let it be another time by Puma Perl

let it be a burning candle
let it be the torn brown couch
let it be the moon
as it creeps into the window,
let it be the purple pillow
lying on the floor,
let it be the next to the last
time, let it be forgotten.
let it be remembered,
let it sleep all afternoon

let it happen one more time

all she wanted was another
all he ever needs is more

imagination rules on Sunday
needles dig into her back
AC/DC brings her comfort
flies right into the door

she’s already planned the next one
before the night is done
nothing matters is the mantra
thunder lightning letters roar


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