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Letting Go by Ivan Brkaric

He carries a picture
of himself
crumbled and worn.

Folded in his wallet,
in one of those
hidden compartments.

A picture
of when he was young.

With a good physic,
built and strong.

A full head of hair.

Every now and then
he’ll pull it out,
to show some
young lads
a glimpse
of what he
use to look like.

“Sure old man!”
They mock him.

But even through
his cataract
he sees himself

And with every
new wrinkle
he will not let go.

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Snake Charmer by Ivan Brkaric

There is no charming a snake.

Designer jeans and plastic tits.
Lies and broken promises.

Its not what you can do for him,
but what he can do for you.

And its true
for those who lie with snakes,
always expect to be bitten.

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