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PROCESS by Paul Corman Roberts

Here is the place
We pretend doesn’t exist

This is the subject
We don’t talk about
At the dinner table
In front of the kids

These are the desires
That cannot be placed
On the mantle
In the magazine rack
Left sitting on the browser

We agree to return
Every few months
With mumbles and averted eyes

We attempt dialogue
With an overpriced 3rd party

We fake the ritual
Once more time
And call it sustainable

Knowing something
Has been rearranged
Without knowing what.

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The poets of Utopia
Impale each otherPcr
On hurricane wire
Dividing uncharted
Strips of hwy 17
On one side
A graveyard
For the agrarian army
On the other
Wide open
Hipster haylofts
Beady, hard case
Tribal eyes
Ogle opera
Drink drama
Quaff comedy

Just like everywhere
Just like nowhere

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