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Jason Ryberg…The Time, Being

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The hill has been taken
for the time being,
the flag reclaimed
and the first-born bastard child
of every house-hold has finally returned
from his aimless wanderings
and night errantries abroad,
demanding his compounded allowance.
And the priests and politicians
and insurance salesman
are quietly slipping out of  town,
and the future wives of upper-middle America
are planning weddings to men
they haven’t even met.

And the guards of the gated kingdoms
have nodded off at their posts again,
allowing Night and its whole
gypsy gothic entourage
to slip right in.

And the whole slapstick, tear-jerking
tragic-comedy of it all will one day be recorded
on the walls of the deepest caves
for our great, great grandchildren
to one day find and wildly misconstrue.

And all the while, Life and Death
continue their heated Mexican stand-off
in the middle of the restaurant
while the rest of us look anxiously on,
staring into our Denver omlettes and Belgian waffles
and tofu scramblers, hoping, praying, pleading,
wishing we were having our “breakfast anytime”
any other time than this.

But really, now is probably the time
to learn to play the piano,
time to lose those troublesome twenty pounds,
time to drain the bad blood
from the abscess of the family,
to write those letters to the editor,
to go back to veterinary school,
to come out of the closet,
to finally ask that goddamn waitress out,
time to do that thing (whatever it is)
you’ve always meant to do,

for the time, being what it is,
was, will be, won’t just wait around
for you indefinitely.

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