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Groveling to be the next famous author.
Huddled together in the protective nest of academia
relying on each other for validation.
Driven to the brink of psychosis by the thought
that some will fail the program.

It doesn’t matter
what these wannabe’s do.
How many of their papers get A’s
or how many boots they lick in the process.

They’ll end up working at a shopping mall
in an overpriced department store
where they can’t afford to buy anything
even with the pathetic discount.

Maybe as an inspector on an assembly line
afraid to tell big fat Guido
that an entire day of his production
has just been rejected.

Then maybe after 10 or 20 years
of getting kicked around by buffoons
with only a third of their education
the geniuses wake up one day and get inspired
but wait,
inspiration passes
and they get through yet another week
with a fifth of Wild Turkey
and a six pack of PBR.

Please pass the academia nuts.

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Like a vampire
sucking kisses
in the night.
I scurry home
before daylight comes,
praying darkness
hides my tracks.

I am only
your cheap fantasy,
that invades
your two bit dreams
and creeps into
your thoughts.

Love only
laughs at me
then always runs away.
So I take my chance
with angry jealousies
and steal love
where l can.

The stage is set,
the actors dressed.
I go on playing
third-wheel lover,
a part
I know too well.

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