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File bankruptcy

Search for a more fulfilling job,

get my hair done, shave my legs
appear human

Feed the cats again

Apply for more student loans
So I can get a degree in something useful
like poetry, creative writing,  or journalism
I will write prose with flare and speak
the truth to masses; and they will listen
to my accredited opinion.

Watch my credit report online
before someone steals my identity and gets declined,

Plan that ultimate vacation to a foreign land
where I will appreciate art for the first time,
suddenly become spiritually enlightened,
fill the pockets of peasants and come home
with fine leather goods and rich red wines
for the ample dinner parties I’ll throw
with the numerous friends who adore my company

Lose that extra weight that inflates my chest, bubbles
my stomach and burdens my ideal dress size
with stretch material

Make that healthy dinner after a nice work out at the gym;
Differentiating from the light meal and cardio I did the day before,


Quit smoking and take my birth control regularly

Stop eating prescription pills like blue and pink sweet tarts

Go to church and sing a hymnal, give to charity

Writer letters home on argyle stationery in teal ink
declaring I finally have purpose.

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