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—after Don Cherry’s Remembrance

The most
aspectual minuscule of fading breaths
altered life after life of normality’s engaging
apprehension.  Token
clothing completes befooling naked eyes

finished with
translations of imaginational comfort: cotton,
response to realized nudity.  Recall the murder of moments,
clock loosening puritan hands
from finding timelines of
mutual discovery.

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—after The Lounge Lizard’s Queen of All Ears

Relationship:  Mother

working beyond a timesheet’s calculating
allowance; working
replicated, say, by the smothering hold
of a squirrel’s amassing future meals, she

alive beyond feminine likings
conjoined by clothespins and
various scents worn atop chattering wrists or
swan-curl neck attracting multiple
survivors.  Heard, she hears
crying and laughter within delineated symptoms;
gathers into her hold either proclamation,
understanding emotion writes miracles of need
into the psyche of her innate capabilities.

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