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Me and God


I heard
that some
people from
the back
hills of
Ohio believe
you should
never pray
if you have
alcohol on
your breath
but I can
only ever
even find
God when
I am drunk

he is the
guy at
the bar
who buys
me shots
and listens
as I talk
about the
war and
gets me
drunk enough
to say
than you
for your
to every
dumb fucker
who thanks
me for
my service.


The Motivational speaker


Was a
Marine about
35 who
lost both
legs in
he said
it was
the most
thing to
have ever
to him
outside of
having a

later I
tell him
I was
on Camp
Bastion working
in the
hospital the
same time
he lost
his legs
and he
says he
passed through
there on
his way
to Germany

he told
me and
everyone else
that he
died in
Bastion hospital

and I
wanted to
say I
died there
too but
this was
his story
and I
still have
both my
legs and

I am
Too old
to convince
myself that
any death
in that
war meant

not his
not mine.


The season


When heavy
horses trample
my smallest
dreams when
the slow
ox tries
the patience
of the
when bear
skeletons decompose
faster than
my ambition
and the
path to
the elephants
graveyard is
littered with
burning tires

when old
stars fall
from moth
eaten skies
and you
feel certain
that hope
is a thing
without feathers
that it
doesn’t float
it just
sings off
key at
parties to
anyone who
will listen

like a
drunk uncle
at your
Christmas party
the one
you wish
would not
have come
at all

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