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Thinkin by Neila Mezynski


Think I’ll talk to myself not having you here to listen.
Been gone so long.
I’ll go for a walk to hold your hand that’s not here residing in flannel all round warm.
The blue shirt your blue that is sorely absent from on you. Warm round in blue.
Fit my hand.
Baseball hat not good for all those black curls damped down tromped on too small.
Your food so nice spice take so long. Food nazi. Sorry.
Think I’ll do a party or go whichever I mean impossible.
I’ll jump out of a plane with you of course but don’t know now if I’d feel safe in the rarified air of you not there.
Think of making work with steel with you to lift off shelf and do balancing act with marshmallows so soft.
I could jump too but don’t have your soft curls to keep the air gentle for soft landing.


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She was ready, hot burning ready. Don’t wear it though. Keep it behind with the others. Bows and Laces. Make herself at home. Tiptoe. Take them heavy handed clod hoppers off. She could if she wanted. Aunt Mabel told her and them how. Hands in lap, ruffles flounced, underwear clean and for God’s sake keep them fudge cakes coming.  He said he would love her even if … she didn’t believe.  Hard to please for a backwoods girl.

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